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©2001 Rev Paul R. Schmidtbleicher, ThM

The Scriptures say that,
"...the Lord ordained that they which preach the gospel should live of the gospel"
(1 Cor 9:14)

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Heart Of Glass
(c) 2000 Holly L. Schmidtbleicher

Upon these knees I here descend
O God, with grace I ask, attend,
To this thing I, once withholding,
Offer up trembling hands unfolding,
Stretched forth, open now, revealing
A fragile tyrant of care and feeling.
This heart of glass, though in fear of breaking,
Still keeps trusting, wanting, aching
For whom it quietly desires
To fan love's flame and passion's fires,
To walk-beside as a companion
Whether along mountaintop or canyon.
But Your will I do not know,
So I offer up, thus letting go.
For by holding on I'd dare
Invite love's pain I could not bear
If this heart of glass were broken
A piece, in vain, given as a token.
So I pray You take and hold it,
In Your loving hands enfold it.
May only Your will be its guide
Every morn and eventide.
For the patient road to take,
Untimely love dare not awake.
But should time sustain as true,
And thou reveal it be from You,
Its longings wholly I'll embrace,
As clearly gifted by Your grace.
But until then I'll remember
To each and every day surrender
This, You've promised to hold fast,
My fragile heart of glass.