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©2001 Rev Paul R. Schmidtbleicher, ThM

The Scriptures say that,
"...the Lord ordained that they which preach the gospel should live of the gospel"
(1 Cor 9:14)

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Salvation's Eternal Flame
(c)2000 Holly L. Schmidtbleicher

A darkened room, a raging wind
A quieted soul embraced within.
A single flame the only light
To pierce the blackness of the night.
This tiny flame, though nothing more,
Within mind's eye became a door.
Opened wide God's truth revealed
That in His love we're ever sealed.
If each soul a candle, Truth proclaims,
We burn with salvation's eternal flame.
This, once received, cannot be lost
'Tis bought with blood that stained the cross.
The winds of sin cannot extinguish
What Christ's death paid in full and finished.
At the moment of receiving God's free gift by believing,
Every sin is washed away:
Those of past and future and today.
This work did not depend on us;
All we can simply do is trust.
For by our deeds we cannot gain it;
We can do nothing to maintain it.
God gave ability to choose it,
But then sealed in Him, we never lose it.
So even when this flame is hid,
Or of faith's glow seems to be rid,
When sin's density seems to dim its light,
And guilt's darkness seems like endless night,
Just cling to the promise that He made us
That nothing can ever separate us.
Because forever God remains the same,
So burn's salvation's eternal flame,