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Cult Studies
God's Truth or Man's Error

Cult Definition: The "cults" presented here are defined as Religious Cults and not Personality Cults. The basis of classifying these groups as "cults" involves their understanding of Jesus Christ. If they have departed from the Christian Orthodox view, then we classify them as "cultic" in their doctrine. The Biblical Christian Orthodox view is:

That Jesus Christ is and always was Eternal God, having taken on human flesh to become the God-Man, and as such gave Himself as a sacrifice in substitution for us sinners to secure our eternal salvation, was resurrected from the dead, ascended and sits at the Father's right hand until such a point that He will return a second time to establish His eternal kingdom.

The Following Summaries of the Major Cults

Bahai Faith - An intellectual cult popular on the college campus
Christian Science - One will find this is neither Christian nor Scientific
Jehovah's Witnesses - The belief that there is no Trinity only Jehovah, the rest of us are doomed!
Mormonism - Every man is a potential "God" - Jesus was just the first!
New Age - The resurgence of some old demonic stuff.
Spiritism - The real demonic stuff.
Unitarianism - Compromise and melt all beliefs into one big error!

The following are not necessarily cults, but really "push the envelope" of
orthodoxy in several areas.

Adventism - In the extreme, (not all are) a faulty view of Christ's Comings
Psychology in the Church - In the extreme, man's answers replace God's Solutions.