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Recommended Links on Important Subjects

"Recommended Links" are links to other Internet Sites that have something important to say on timely subjects for the Growing Biblical Christian.

Disclaimer: Not everything on these Internet Sites is in line with the beliefs of and Rev. Paul R. Schmidtbleicher. However, it it believed that the information provided in the specific links is beneficial.
The following links are presented. Some of the videos are preceded by short commercials. By clicking on them you are leaving

Sanctification Overview Video- Pastor Paul R. Schmidtbleicher

This paper on overviewing the various views of Sanctification was presented at the 2011 Chafer Theological Seminary pastors conference by myself. The presentation is most instructive on "After salvation, What is next? Sanctification"

Gun Control - Judge Janine Pirro gives a candid and powerful talk

Gun Control is a hot topic these days as many try to reslove the senseless shooting happening around the country. The judge give a reasoned, truthful, and balanced presentation - and all this from a woman's point of view.

John MacArthur Interviewed on Expository Leadership

This is one of the best interviews on the importance of "Preaching the Word of God" and the methods to accomplish it. John MacArthur is founder and president of "The Master's Seminary" and a pastor in Southern California. He has a world wide ministry preaching the Word of God and is on the radio in many places. His position is strongly Calvinist and he has been credited with founding the "Lordship Salvation" emphasis with his 1988 book, "The Gospel According to Jesus."

This interview, conducted before seminary students, upholds the value of powerfully preaching the Word of God over against many of the "gimics" being tried in current "trendy" churches that have gained huge followings in our day. It is highly recommended that you block out 42 minutes to watch the entire interview. There are "gems" to be found throughout this candid interview.

Final Warning Movie (75 minutes)

"Final Warning" is a 75 minute movie dealing with signs that we are in the "last days" prior to the coming of the Lord. The issue of the Arab Antichrist and the REAL threat of the religious theology of Iran is presented. The movie is very informative and worth watching.