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We live in the "era" prior to the Return of our Lord Jesus Christ that He categorized as the period of "wars and rumors of wars" (Matt 24:6). Until the raging sin natures of men are conquered by the "gospel" of Jesus Christ, we will be faced with criminals seeking to do evil and criminal nations with criminal leaders seeking to do evil. Israel of old was commanded by the Lord to make war with the Midianites (Num 25:16-18) and the rest of the Canaanites for their great evil. In this "era" war is sometimes a necessity when other means of dealing with evil have failed. Our great nation was savagely attacked by terrorist enemies on 11 September 2001. All indications are that these, who would themselves die to kill us, can only be dealt with on a level they understand. War is not contrary to Biblical mandates. Under these circumstances it is every Christian's duty to stand together behind our president, our leadership and our miltary in the ongoing "War against Terrorism" and subsequent measures deemed necessary.

Our first line of support should be in prayer for those in harms way, for a clear Bible-based Gospel from our military chaplains that points the way to Jesus Christ, and for Bible-based resolve that will see this "appropriate action" through to its conclusion.

Second, Christian's must understand that criminals, criminal nations and criminal leaders are addressed differently in Scripture than are "personal adversaries" towards whom we are commanded to love, do good, feed, turn the other cheek, etc. (Matt 5:44; Rom 12:17-21). In war we are not dealing with "personal adversaries," but criminals. As such our nation "bears the sword" for a purpose: to "execute wrath (God's) against evil" (Rom 13:4).

Finally, we should take the leadership to uphold a Biblical viewpoint on our war response and in carrying out what needs to be done. To this end some "ammunition" is presented in the messages below.


Is warfare Biblical? A brief overview of some major Bible principles is presented in this paper.

A Dirty Business

Sometimes war requires "covert" and deceptive operations. What is a balanced Christian view on such tactics. I believe that the Bible does give us good and clear answers. Some may be shocked, but the Lord has provided ample examples as to His full counsel in this matter.